Angela Fiorini

Temporary email generator | Free disposable email

Temporary email generator Free ⭐️ Disposable email account ⭐️ 100 % Anonymous surfing ✅ No spam ✅ No advertising mailings

Angela Fiorini
Temporary email generator | Free disposable email

Information is the new currency of the XXI century. Therefore, many companies will do everything to get their clients' personal data. On the other hand, users need instruments to protect their information from sellers, marketers, and scammers. The first step to keeping your data safe is to stop providing it everywhere. A temporary email generator can help you with this. 

What Is Temporary Mail, and for Whom Is It Needed?

A disposable email generator creates a short-term e-mail. The name of addition speaks for itself — after a certain period, a message disappears. The user sets its span individually — it can last from 10 minutes to a few days. You cannot reuse mail. After the end of the period, the address disappears. Users apply a temp mail generator because they want to stay anonymous and protect themselves from spammers and marketers. It is a kind of a ‘trash can’ where you put all unimportant messages to leave your main address clean.

Regular Mail: Differences 

There is nothing in common between a temporary email generator and global services like Gmail, Yahoo, or Yandex. The reasons and the principles of usage differ strongly.

  • You don't need to register.

  • The whole process is anonymous.

  • An IP address & another user’s data are deleted along with the generated email address.

  • Messages are delivered instantly.

  • The hostname is given automatically, not manually.

When to Use a Momentary Mailbox 

A generator is applied by many users, from buyers to programmers. For example, when you need to verify your account in some service or an online shop. A temporary mail generator helps to escape annoying advertisements further. A separate category of users is programmers who test software. It allows checking some online operations quickly. The third ability for use includes privacy reasons. All messages on the temporary address will be deleted simultaneously as the email itself. Therefore, no one will read them except you! 

Anonymity with Disposable Addresses 

Unfortunately, not only consumers and developers apply the abilities of a temporary mail generator. It is a standard technology of spammers and fishing websites. If you receive tons of messages from instant addresses, it is considered a sign of fraudulent activity. Finally, it may lead to an account ban. To protect your accounts from attacks, use special services and update your password regularly.

What Personal Data Can Be Protected Using Temporary mail?

When you use a temp email generator, a large part of the information stays hidden for malicious intrusions and advertisements. Of course, you won’t stop some global big-data services altogether, but protecting a real mailbox is an important action anyway. You reduce online tracking, and correlating all services you use becomes more difficult. Marketers won’t be able to define your shopping habits, workstyle, hobbies, and finances.

How Long Is the Temporary Mail Account Valid?

The lifespan of a mailbox from a temporary email address generator depends on the user’s needs. The most common period is 10 minutes. That is why fake mailboxes are also called ‘10-minute emails’. If you plan to register in a few services within 24 hours, you can let it exist for a day or two. If it exists longer, it is not an instant mailbox anymore! 

Email-tmp is a disposable email generator you can trust. No registration or personal data will be required. Don’t bring your attention to spammers, and stay away from malicious activity. Our service is created to protect your security and calmness.