Angela Fiorini

Protects Users From Cyber Attacks

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Angela Fiorini
Protects Users From Cyber Attacks

The Internet is not only a source of useful and valuable information but also an endless flow of spam. Every day in our email we see dozens of letters that are sent automatically. It is sometimes very difficult to find the long-awaited message in this pandemonium. However, wasted time is the least evil. Unexpected guests can do us more serious harm.

The hidden danger of spam

A malicious message can be disguised as a letter from a business partner or old acquaintance. We uncover it in a hurry without figuring out who sent it and for what purpose. Once opened, such a letter gains access to our computer. Not all viruses and trojans are recognized by the antivirus software. Its developers only react to the appearance of new malware, and sometimes create it themselves. You can easily become a victim of phishing emails. Imagine that a reputable company makes you a lucrative offer that is hard to refuse. To gain access to tempting bonuses, you need to provide your credentials, password, and more. Fraudsters can disguise themselves as your bank or the brand you work with. Phishing is based on some users’ ignorance of the basics of network security.

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Your anti-spam solution

Spam cannot be eliminated globally, but you can stop its access to your personal space. First of all, do not expose your real email to the public. Spammers and cybercriminals will surely take it into circulation. Use a disposable email address for multiple registrations. Among the free temporary email services, stands out for its simplicity and high anti-spam efficiency:

  • no registration;

  • creating a fully functional mailbox in one click;

  • fast creation of a new temporary email address;

  • deleting the letter within an hour after receiving it;

  • no virus penetration into your gadget;

  • no phishing emails.

Some tips for self-defense against cybercriminals

A temporary email address is intended to represent you where you need to restrict outsiders’ access to personal information. Use this to log in to websites, forums, and portals. Distribute the responsibilities of the mailbox between different email addresses: Important, Work, Home, and Temporary. This will allow you to be prepared for cyberattacks. Besides, you can enable anti-spam filtering in your email client. Finally, use the services. This will save you a lot of virtual trouble.